Shake to Wake Timer is designed to help us fight fatigue and stay safe.

Are you a victim of driver fatigue?

It affects drivers of all ages

Unfortunately it is now a major cause of road accidents and fatalities

It affects equipment operators in our resources industries

Also farmers and shift workers with long days and nights on the job...

Shake to Wake is a new iPhone app which is addressing the problem.

To purchase Shake to Wake Timer, go to the App Store and download to your iPhone or iPad.

Remember, there is no subsitute for a good night's sleep.

It is important to note however, that while you can hop out of the vehicle and run around it, or have a coffee or some food, nothing will cure driver fatigue more than a good sleep, as this allows the body to revitalise itself. Also remember to observe and obey local, state and national road rules while operating this device. See more about Shake to Wake